GROODLE, the meme coin with a mission!

We’re pioneering the fusion of crypto and philanthropy, setting a new standard for giving in the digital age.

Our vision?

To create an ecosystem where donations are facilitated by crypto, propelling and directing future digital funds to much needed causes.

Groodle aims its future furrlanthrophic efforts towards animal welfare and environmental sustainability by investor nominated and led awareness for localised problems that need solving whilst teaming up with niche charities, influencers, and grassroots leaders to make swift action and remarkable results. 

Join us in shifting the paradigm with purpose-led meme coins and crypto, let’s invest in a future we can all lead with integrity and kindness. 

How it works…

Our annual calendar unveils quarterly themes, directing our focused efforts in various realms of animal charity and sustainability initiatives.

1. Community nominate a group/organisation or person

2. Community casts it’s votes

3. % Funds are donated from the allocated charity pool

All donations will be recorded and verified on the blockchain and txns will be made publicly available via our dedicated community channels. 

GROODLE trust pledge – to ensure we uphold transparency and integrity at all times.

Our 3 Pillars of Collaboration 

Animal Welfare

We are on the hunt for the passionate full-on animal lovers who are out there hustling for the welfare of our furry friends.

We’re about lifting up the underdogs, the small but fierce animal charities making a real difference, no corporate nonsense holding them back.

Let’s show them some love and keep their missions going strong.


Help us find the people who really want to make a remarkable impact.

Nominate them here as we want to connect people with simple and actionable ideas for everyday people.

Whether it’s sharing knowledge or pitching in funds, we’re here to support innovation that makes a notable difference for our environment.


We’re on the lookout for R&D technology businesses with an Earth-first ethos and sustainable model.

Our goal?

To invest, leverage, and share in their success alongside our Groodles, driving us toward a cleaner future. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s world today!


A self governing decentralised charity protocol
(Go Fund Me) – for not for profit nominations.

GROODLE helps everyone create their own fund me page that the community can vote and donate to, all without the requirement of coding expertise.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all of our donators that use our GROODLE ecosystem. GROODLE will implement strict KYC and verification procedures to deter dangerous and bad actors from entering our platform and withdrawing unverified funds.

What we hold dear is that the community feels protected and can have the confidence that GROODLE is a safe platform to donate through and make a real world change.


All the latest updates from GROODLE community and social events.


Quarterly community report, to share whats happened, whats been donated including key targets and pledge milestones. 


 Showcasing feel good stories that we are making real world difference to and creating a positive change to the world.


People, groups, organisations can create dedicated fund me pages with set parameters and requirements.


Go Fund Me pages can be promoted both externally and internally via GROODLE channels to enable greater community outreach without the need for coding.


All nominations will undergo strict KYC and verification process before they are whitelisted to withdraw funds.


Easily share your fund me page across other platforms and sites to enable up-votes and donations.


Vote on community nominations that can be supported and promoted by the main GROODLE charity/reserve fund.


Make personal donation to the nomination, and spread the love.


Provide reviews and feedback on nominations that you have voted and/or donated to.


Easily share fund me pages across other platforms and sites to help support those that are nearest and dearest to your heart.


Become a Governance validator to ensure the go fund me pages are verified, and are representing those they say they are before they withdraw any donations.


Validate and whitelist fund me pages before they are allowed to make the final donation withdrawls.


Suggest and vote on key protocol decisions and direction that will impact how the platform will evolve. 

**Minimum token holdings will apply to allow access to governance validator program

Together, sharing simple habits, we can make a massive impact, one paw at a time.

Amazing People.
Real Stories.  


Animal welfare and rescue, check out Lee Asher’s IG stories for more inspiration. 


Simple and practical ways to form habits at home to reduce your environmental impact.


Earth-first apparel. trees planted with every purchase. 


Animal aid, education sterilisation, medication, feeding and adoption. 



40% Presale

15% Donation & Charity

15% Liquidity

20% Team / Advisors / KOLs

10% Marketing / Rewards

Governance voting

Holders can participate in decision-making processes, including voting on sustainability projects, animal welfare initiatives, and community driven grants.

Staking & rewards

Holders earn GROODLE tokens as rewards for holding/staking their tokens in the ecosystem, and interacting with various platform functions.

Community engagement

GROODLE tokens can be used to participate in go fund me voting, animal welfare campaigns, & educational workshops.


Holders can use GROODLE to donate (fund me) not for profit sustainability projects such as animal rescue centers, and wildlife conservation efforts.

Token Specifications

GROODLE Token will be developed with a % tax that would be redistributed in the following manner.  

Charity Fund / Reserve

Cross Chain Token

Just like a GROODLE is a cross between breeds, we aim to be one of the first meme tokens to be available across 4 chains from initial launch date.

Token Utility Revenue

Each GROODLE fund me nomination contract will collect a % based fee from the total amount raised on each of the contracts, this will be used to further maintain the platform security /technology, and support the ongoing marketing, brand awareness and community engagement, the fee collected will be distributed by the following split. 

Marketing / Rewards



Safety is our top priority ! Our contracts will all be audited and verified, and mint and freeze will be revoked.


Liquidity is locked, contract renounced and charity and reserve funds will always be made available for community to audit.


Community and marketing focused first with auto liquidity and burn to ensure we are maintaining our reserves and backing our holders.

Let’s make a real world difference today !

Join the GROODLE revolution !

Our Roadmap.

This roadmap outlines Groodle’s journey in making a meaningful impact on sustainability and animal welfare through the innovative use of a technology and token offering.

It focuses on building a strong community, fostering partnerships, and executing impactful initiatives that align with the community’s core values and mission.

Phase 1


  • Establish Core Values and Whitepaper
  • Launch Website
  • Launch Socials
  • Start initial Marketing
  • Early Seed Investors
  • Launch Pre-Sale Phase 1

Phase 2


  • Tokenomics
  • Token Creation
  • Community Engagement
  • Continue Marketing Push
  • Reach Phase 2 of pre-sale
  • Target KOLs

Phase 3


  • Reach Phase 3 of pre-sale
  • Start launchpad raise
  • Create Vestings contracts
  • Lock Liquidity Pools
  • Team Token Locks
  • Token Launch / Listing

Phase 4


  • Continue Marketing Push
  • Community Fund Allocation
  • Animal Welfare Campaigns
  • Sustainability Project Partnerships
  • Educational Series
  • Wildlife Conservation Fund
  • Release BETA App



  • Ambassador Program
  • Expansion and Partnerships
  • Virtual Eco-Experiences
  • NFT Collections
  • CEX Listings
  • Transparency and Quarterly Reports
  • Release App V1


What is GROODLE token?

GROODLE Token is a memecoin that supports the overall development and sustainability to a brighter future of all creatures big and small and the world that we live in.

How Can i participate in presale?

Participating in the Groodle presale is straightforward. Interested investors can purchase $GROODLE tokens through our presale contract on the GROODLE website. Once the presale concludes, the launchpad sales will occur. Upon finalisation of these events the TGE will commence.

Will Liquidity and Team/Early Investor tokens be locked

Yes liquidity will be locked and proof provided with complete transaparency, in addition all team and advisor tokens will be locked as per the vesting the schedules including early investors.

What does early investment get me?

Early investment in the presale phase not only allows you to be part of Groodle’s journey from its inception but also offers benefits like exclusive access to initial NFT drops and priority entry to future events and DAO fund decision power.

Why can’t i see my tokens in my wallet yet?

While we’re in the presale phase and not yet live, you wont be able to view your purchased tokens yet. Once our furr-some journey starts, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing and managing your tokens directly in your private Wallet. Stay tuned for the moment when your tokens become available to collect!

What is the total supply of $GROODLE tokens?

The total supply of $GROODLE Tokens is 1,000,000,000 GROODLE tokens.

What blockchain is GROODLE built on?

GROODLE Token is built on the Solana network, utilising the Solana standard for seamless transactions and a furr-some crypto experience!

Where will trading start on?

After the exciting conclusion of our presale, and launchpad partners we’re planning to list GROODLE Token on Raydium. Stay tuned for further updates and information for the launch.

Will the contract be audited?

GROODLE Token will undergo a comprehensive audit, and the findings will be made publicly available once ready stay tuned for latest updates regarding the audit. Trust and security are our top furr-iorities!

How can I get support?

For assistance, reach out to our support team on Telegram by joining our official group: Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns!